STORY TIME – Addicted To DICK PICS?!πŸ†πŸ‘

Hey guys and girls! I hope you liked my little story about my sad little dating life! oh and sorry about the fedex boxes… lol


  1. Loved this video. It was so funny πŸ˜‚ Like most other women I find dick-pics silly too!

    A guy I used to work with actually sent me a dick-pic, which was a picture of his penis with a ruler right next to it so I could see exactly how long he was when fully erect. It was nothing for him to boast about as it showed that he measured around 5.5 inches.

    He sent me a message 15 minutes later begging me not to show it to anyone else and saying that he was so sorry, but I'd already sent it to every single one of my girl friends by that point (what girl wouldn't have even if only to warn them) I think that some of them needed a really good laugh and they sure as hell got one! I soon found out that he'd also sent it to another woman at work with exactly the same message following it so it was no accident when he sent it to me.

    From then on all the women regularly made jokes at work by measuring various items in the office with a ruler and saying things like "damn, that things smaller than I expected, it doesn't even measure 6 inches!" followed by lots of laughter. It was funny watching him go as red as a beetroot even though we weren't even talking about his junk πŸ˜‚

    They need to understand that if they send unsolicited dick-pics then it's open season for us girls to send it to all of our girl friends to point and laugh at as well as criticize and judge their penises. It's then out in the open and there's no turning back! Telling them that it's small works amazingly well.

    The dick pic guy left two weeks later probably through embarrassment. Our boss didn't understand what was going on until after he left his job.

    We told her afterwards and she saw his pic and had a really good laugh and said that it served him right!

  2. No, you are actually normal. I've never sent a dick pic. Just my ass in a thong to some dude harassing one of my exes. Twice.
    People are fucking weird lately. And it's good to hear that not all ladies just want money and free liquor.
    Great vid Shanny. Dyl is so proud of your little videos πŸ™‚

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