Talk dirty to me;)


  1. I want to caress your sexy body with light touches trailing down your pecs, down your abs, all the way to the base of your sexy thick cock. Then I will lick your inner thigh, then your balls to your cock. Then take your cock in my warm mouth and suck until you explode in my mouth and keep sucking. God your amazing 🤤🤤😊😊😊

  2. Kiss you deeply as you game and work my mouth and tongue down your chest and to your cock and start to suck you off as you play with your friends and their headsets pick up your moaning and telling me to work your cock

  3. Anyone ever wrap their lips around the base of your cock and then stuck their tongue out and licked your balls at the same time?

  4. Dirty talk, so that’s what turns you on, huh? Damn, you look so fucking sexy, but you could look even sexier if you were tied to a chair with your hands tied behind your back. I’d give you the best cum control session of your life before you finally explode after hours, your body would be shaking with excitement and you’d be begging to come.

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