This is why I walk around naked a lot.


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  2. 1. Don’t ever get a cat or a dog, they will think it’s a toy
    2. Hang a sock off that and your floors will always be clean

  3. Fuck. I’d walk around naked a lot too if I had that big dick swinging between my legs 😍.

  4. Is this big enough that you think your friends/co-workers/etc. can see it when you’re clothed?

  5. Well, I imagine it’s hard (all the pun intended) to find pants to properly fit that fleshbat anyway 👀🍆

  6. I hope you never wear clothes at home. I’d love to watch that thing swing about as you walk around naked.

  7. It’s nice to look at but I wouldn’t want it. I already get annoyed at my balls getting in the way. Definitely wouldn’t want a PVC pipe in my pants all day, especially in the heat.

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