TOP10 Biggest Hollywood Penises (Allegedly) – Top for Ladies (with pics)

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A list of celebrities rumored to have the biggest penises in Hollywood. Following up on the speculation not so long ago that Mad Men star Jon Hamm’s biggest asset isn’t his acting talent (which is itself quite sizable), the question of what celebrity has the biggest member came up. There’s really no definitive proof as to who has the biggest dick in the industry, but there are plenty of eyewitness accounts and countless celebrity bulges to scrutinize in the search for the largest celebrity junk.


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  1. Daniel Craig is all balls and a small pecker. I saw him nude in two very early movies. One he played a hustler, and lived with a much older man. "Love And The Devil"

  2. The Italian Stallion :Mr Sylvester Stallone-Dolph Lundgren-these guys pack 9 inches any day of the week, but won't
    be put on here bcse this is BS set up and they are older men putting small boy size glam dicks to shame.

  3. This video has to be deleted. It's been proven that most men on this list not only as average penis', they are below average to tiny ~!!!

  4. There is a story that once when Jason Priestly was doing a skinny dipping scene in a movie (don't remember which one…) he penis was so big and noticeable that the editors had to air brush it out of the frames of the scene so the movie could get a low enough rating. They wanted to get a PG-13, and they were afraid if they left the original scenes in they would get an R rating.

    Also, in the past, there are a lot of actors who were famous for their "siege guns." The story goes that Errol Flynn was famous around Hollywood for having a big penis. At a party, Truman Capote challenged him to prove it, whereupon Errol took out his member and played "I am your sunshine" on a piano keyboard.

    Gary Cooper was well known for being hung. When Tallulah Bankhead was asked by a reporter why she was moving to LA from NYC she replied "to f*** that divine Gary Cooper."

    Milton Berle was renowned for his penis size. There's a story about him winning a bet at a party.

    Frank Sinatra's second wife, Ave Gardner, was asked what she saw in the "hundred and twenty pound runt." She answered "Frank is ten pounds, but his c*** is the remaining hundred and ten pounds." (Frank Sinatra, who knew?)

    James Woods is said to be huge. He's in a vampire movie in which he wears tight levis the
    whole time, and the crotch is so tight that (to quote Mae West..) "you can see his religion."

    (all this is from "The New Gay Book of Lists.")

  5. Ben affleck,colin farrell,sheman moore,jared leto,daniel craig,david beckham,john hamm,michael fassbender,brandon ruth,ray j

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