Vaca with my bud. Should I tell him?

Vaca with my bud. Should I tell him?


  1. As someone who stopped wearing underwear 3 years ago, trust me when I tell you he knows his dick is out and he knows %100. He wants you to know he knows by sitting very wide legged with loose fitting shorts on. The question is how long before you dive your face into his crotch you know just rough housing playing like guys do.

  2. Depends on who else is around, how active you plan on being, if he would care to know later that you knew he could be exposed and that you said nothing, if he is an exhibitionist, or has a “vacation rules don’t count like normal rules” attitude…

  3. It went…okay. I showed him the picture. He said “damn, at least get it hard before taking a pic next time..Just don’t tell my girlfriend”.

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