We would like to take a pounding together. Would you? Who gets dicked first, GF or me?


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    Be a good boy and eat her ass and get that ready for me also

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  3. Your GF gets my dick first but I would demand your dick in my ass then after she’s full of my cum we switch.

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  6. Couple who get fuck together stays together. I’d start with her to have my cock wet and ready while jerking you. Then I’d fuck your ass until you blow your load.
    Then I’m going to finish your gf.

  7. I think she should get the pounding first, but only because I want to put that giant cock right in my mouth.

  8. I’d fuck bf first and make girlfriend watch and listen to his whimpers and moans to get her nice and wet for meοΏΌ

  9. Wow…..this is the hottest picture I have ever seen on this site.

    My cock is so confused as to which of these three hot holes it wants to enter first πŸ˜†

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