Today began the start of what will be a weekly house cleaning of r/BiGoneWild. Per Rule 12, all posts, from both verified and unverified users with less than 10 up-votes in 24 hours will be deleted from the sub. This will not impact your account negatively, it will not count against you and put you at risk of being banned. If you had one of your posts removed from 24 hours ago, through roughly 10 days back and received no notification of why it was removed, that is because it was just me cleaning house.

I am trying to keep r/BiGoneWild populated with engaging and unique content. Removing posts with less than 10 up-votes in 24hrs, in combination with Rule 7, which restricts pics/vids/submissions here from being posted to more than one other location on Reddit helps insure the quality of content here in r/BiGoneWild.

If you find that your posts are receiving low engagement, or down-votes you should try to ‘up your game’ with the kind of content you post here. Also pay attention to peak activity times. Becoming verified DRASTICALLY helps your up-votes and is highly recommended. For info on how you can become verified go here: [](

It really is ‘luck of the draw’ here, as some posters will get 500+ up-votes one day, then the same user may only get 10 up-votes the next day. Also, the kind of photos/video’s you post will have a HUGE impact on how many up-votes you receive.

The biggest problem I have found today is the total ignoring of rule 9 which restricts closeup photos/video of genitals. Men, you’re THE #1 violators of this rule. STOP posting closeup dick pics. Really, I mean it. Include more of your body, or do something unique and different that ISN’T your cock right up to the camera. Ladies, you’re not innocent of this either, spreading your vag close up to the camera, or putting your asshole so close it’s difficult to even tell what the hell I’m looking at is NOT appealing. There is a 2 strike and your out policy on closeup genital pics. If you get your posts removed twice for that, the next violation, regardless of what violation it is, will get you permanently banned.

Some of you are annoyed with me about this, I know because you’ve sent in bitchy messages through ModMail about Rules 7 and 9 specifically. r/BiGoneWild is not here to look like every other adult rated community. It’s here to be unique and sweeping out low rated content and restricting mass posted content and removing closeup genital pics help keep r/BiGoneWild engaging and entertaining.