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  1. @BillOralRushRimjob yeah, he was so good…but still, he pissed me off. worst he resigned without a fight and david vitter stays. wtf!

  2. WHO CARES!! If every member of Congress quits when they do something stupid, dishonest, and wrong we'd have no one in Congress. Wait… not a bad idea!!

  3. I think you're just mad that you can't get laid yourself. I'm a consenting adult. I committed no adultery. She & I had our fun. Irrespective of those glaring facts, you've no case (or moral conundrum) if his lies didn't affect or happen while he was on the job. Did he lie about something pertaining to his JOB? Nothing indicates that at this point.

    If I'm a judge, my job boils down to what I do while I'm ON THE BENCH. If you can show me something similar, I'm all ears. Otherwise you lose.

  4. @MarshalNey13 That would be nice wouldn't it? It's a shame how much of politics is a popularity contest.

  5. But ultimately, it's not your place to pontificate about who has "class". Let he who is without sin cast the 1st stone. You're no better (or worse) than anyone. The only problem is that you're taking issue with Weiner because you dislike him for some reason. You're letting your emotional issues get in the way of practical issues. My dad lied to my mom about not eating the last of the potatoes au gratin. Does that mean I can't have a father who's a "known liar"?

    You're a self-righteous boob.

  6. @wetweasel56 You're obviously not sophisticated enough to understand the problem with your postulate. Unless there's a violation of some kind, Weiner's behavior falls into the consenting-adult category. About that I AM correct. He lied about something in his PERSONAL life. He didn't lie about a policy or funds he used or time that he was suposed to be on the clock. Why don't you get that?

    As for me fucking my professor, she was (is) a beautiful, brilliant woman and a genours lover to boot.

  7. I don't give a shit about what this guy does in his personal life. Lets talk about serious issues…

  8. @wetweasel56 I guess you've never been to college. Profs fuck students all the time. I've fucked fucked a professor myself (she was amazing). Unless a law is broken, there's no charges. Adults are adults.

    Nevertheless, this has nothing to do with his job unless it was done on company (gov't) time.

    C'mon dude. He's a freak no doubt. But all this calling for his head to roll is dumb.

  9. The problem is our so called representatives don't represent us. Thats why they allowed all the jobs to be shipped to other countries. This guy is an example of what these congressmen are up to in their spare time.

  10. @cavalier1234 : are subject to more thorough scrutiny. If Wiener doesn't want the power and responsibility that come with the job, resign!

  11. @cavalier1234 : bullshit. No honey, Wiener is not just a private individual, but also a public employee and a congressman (power). By House Rule XXIII, Clause 1, of the House Code of Official Conduct, which states that “a member . . . officer or employee of the House shall conduct himself at all times in a manner that shall reflect creditably on the House.” Most public employees are subject to similar or more stringent requirement. Even in private individuals, eg, celebrities,

  12. Aww, cry cry cry. Just read off your notecards and say 'sorry, sorry' because he's so sorry he'll even KEEP his job!

  13. so wut, i show my wiener on webcam to any girl who asks. the only difference is i dont cry about it like a little bitch. he should get up there with balls and tell everyone to go fuck themselves. the only thing i hold against him is having no balls to go with his wiener.

  14. Oh come on… He tweeted a pic of his underwear. So, what? You guys should go to Italy and see how this shit is done for real.

  15. unfortunately, we have not heard the last of this.
    he sent fotos of his weenie (without BVDs") to multiple women.
    he used his congressional telephone to play phone sex
    he used his congressional office to perpetrate fraud.
    maybe he and john edwards can share a cell-
    giving each other haircuts.
    this dirty little prick needs to do the right thing, and resign.

  16. shame, i really liked him, in fact, i still do…this conduct was reprehensible for sure, but marital problems are private, i look to his record in policy and guideline to whether i like him or not…its too bad though, he just ruined his career and, honestly, all the good he could have done with all his magnetic presence….SHAME

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