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Tiger Woods, Brett Favre, Anthony Weiner
Arnold Schwarzenegger straight havin’ babies with beaners
What do they have in common? They like using their wieners
But they use them too much, now they got weiner fever!

Just got home, hit up the internet
Got a couple pics of my dick to send out
And if you didn’t know, I’m the man now
After this chat, Ima need a hand towel
I go ham now, with my salami
Ladies fold like oragami
She said “leave it to my beaver”
That’s when I got that weiner fever!

Stand up, if you got that weiner fever
Grab a girl, if you got that weiner fever
Send her a dick pic, make her a believer
And if she don’t text back, put it on twitter

[To anyone offended: we apologize for using the word “beaners” in the beginning of the song. We by no means have a negative attitude towards latinos and would have chosen any other word if we hadn’t thought that this one worked the best. Anyway though, hope you can forgive us!]