what if you walked in on me? (19)


  1. Then I would have to get on my knees and open my mouth so you could have the best time in your life😍

  2. The first thing is my knees would be so weak as I stammered and slipped between your loins, not a word as I’d worship you, my lips opening, wanting you so 🙂

  3. You could slide that monster between my legs into my tight hole so I could feel your balks against my butt at the same time

  4. I would kiss you because people with this kind of underwear just hit different, in a good way lmao

  5. Angry punch hole in wall, bong on desk, hot dick, the only bad thing about you I can see is that you play racing games. Hot af though

  6. Suck it and stroke it until you busted, then u can bust all over my cum cannon and you’re welcome to take it in any hole of yours.

  7. Wow. Where to start! pull the rest of your cloths off that beautiful silky white smooth skin, grab that cock and put it my mouth, balls deep in my thought tong licking your awesome Balls every time that beautiful cock is barred down my thought, Spin you around so I can eat that awesome ass. hunting out all your G spots, like a bird of pray, must likely taking that beautiful cock out for a ride, while you tweak my nipples. woof ….well you asked!

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