who likes to play? πŸ•Ή


  1. I like to play name that game. Then we can pick up a game like with you and not have to have all the game equip. You see there are games being played all around. It onus on the guy or gal to decide if they will pick up a game of say basketball tonight before the pool. Or I sure am going to pick up a game of Chinese checkers; and win. The win part is combined in the energy to say and actually go out and pick up a game others are already playing. With the idea Playing can equal Winning. Not always but odds are choosing what you like, picking up some practice game and over time good game is the outcome. Nobody wants to always be best in show or timeliness etc. In a good game the opportunity to go for it and win only appears to you like a Genii in a bottle, you will always hear folks that they are in search of this or that “majik” when all along all they had to do was pick up a game that is already in play. So what are you gonna do?

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