Why is it so hard to find someone to fuck both of us? (MF4M)


  1. Not knowing how many guys you’ve turned down, it’s hard to know where the fault lies.

    You have to find a guy that’s into both of you. So, finding someone that wants both of you is the first hurdle. The second is you both have to be somewhat attracted to him as well.

    It looks easy on paper but there are a lot of factors beyond your control also.

    My suggestion is find websites, apps, or local groups/clubs that cater to your lifestyle.

    If you find a pool of prospects and still can’t make a match, then I would say you have to reexamine your standards.

    I will say this, I am bi and have several bi friends, and most have racial preferences. The guys that would be into the girl (while liking guys too) would not be into the guy in this relationship.

    Living in Orlando, there is a large latin community. A lot of guys are attracted to those features and not as attracted to overtly white features (thin straight hair, pasty complexion, etc). I don’t know where you live or if this is the case but it could be an issue in some areas.

    The girl looks to have darker features, possibly black or latin. The guy does not. You could be in an area where bi men (already a minority within a minority) are not as attracted to the man as they would be to the woman.

    Just some stuff to think about.
    With the little information provided in the post, it’s hard to honestly say.

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